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​"...a jazz singer to the core. She's off to a remarkable start, a young singer of unusual accomplishment and extraordinary potential."
-Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune​

"Allgood impressively sings, scats and writes original lyrics. She is a winner... well rounded and grounded. Fun to listen to, she can only become more so." 4 star review
-Bob Protzman, Downbeat Magazine

“Allgood is an astonishingly mature singer for her years; her comfort with scatting and bebop phrasing, generous world view in her words and skillful arrangements speak to an emerging talent of considerable strength.” 
-Suzanne Lorge, The New York City Jazz Record

“A fullness of expression found in so few vocalists cut from current cloth…she is quintessential in every regard. She treats the art of wordless singing as it should be—which is to say, as an instrument in its own right.” 5 star review
-Tyran Grillo, All About Jazz 


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Alyssa Allgood | Jazz Vocalist

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